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Indian Curry Packets With No Preservatives

Tandoor operates group of authentic Indian restaurant in Japan since 1986. Tandoor has come up with unique fresh Indian curry packets that use no preservatives, artificial colors or any sort of additives and can be served warm within 30 days. 

The curries are less spicy and enjoy a true taste which can be consumed by children to people of every age.

The curries once cooked are immediately packed in vacuum pack which keeps it fresh for days even after it is cooked. We do not use any sort of synthetic food additives preservatives, artificial colors. We recommend that you eat it as soon as possible once the product arrives at your home. Or you can always save in the freezer and eat at a later date..

Please enjoy the aroma of Indian cuisine and rich flavor with lots of spice and good quality ingredients from nature and that to from the comfort of your home.

The curry packets are available in our stores and are also available by shipping nationwide. Free shipping ( pre-tax ) is available for purchase of more than 5000 yen ! ! (Below 5000 yen purchase: 700 yen for mainland, 1000 yen for Kyushu , 1,700 yen for Hokkaido + Okinawa )

We except credit major cards.
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