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Shanti Tea | Importer & Retailer of Finest Quality Indian Tea to Japan

The Shanti Tea - About shanti tea –

Shanti Tea imports selected tea to Japan from India tasted by experts and approved by the Government of India. Shanti Tea is a brand owned by Japan Business Service Co., Ltd who is also the importer of the Tea. Shanti produces black tea from its own tea garden in India as well we have a strong connection with the local tea producers in India. This allows us to select and import fresh Tea directly from the tea gardens from all over India following by selling in Japan.  

We want more and more people in Japan to know about our Tea. Our goal is to bring the peaceful cup of tea to you ever since we started business in Japan in 1981. That is why we have names our brand “Shanti” which in Sanskrit language mean “peace”.

We have large collection of quality tea of various kinds from India. Our prices are very competitive, making sure that the quality of the team is never compromised.

Our Tea is loved in Every Situation

Shanti tea is available in hotel room, café, and wide range of restaurants, fast food chains, department store, supermarket, food specialty stores and household goods stores. Our tea is available to you in retail, wholesale and for households as required. In addition, please use our tea in various situations such as gifts.

In addition, our tea can be purchased online from the comfort of your computer. Please visit our website for the purchase. The URL is

Shanti Tea - commercial tea -

We have tea pack in different sizes staring    from 100g to full scale bulk leaf tea for business use, tea bag and so on.
The Company has various available to 100g pack from full-scale bulk leaf tea for business use, the tea bag selected from wide range of India tea and also tea from around the world .

Shanti Tea - retail packaged goods

Shanti tea gives you the perfect gift to your friends, a present you and also an informal gift for daily use in your home , a packaged goods rich in variety taste and obviously with “PEACE”..