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Event Date:07-05-2011 To07-05-2011
Event Time:9:00 A.M-17:35 P.M  
Venue:Kasai Civic Hall, Naka Kasai
Nearest Railway Station:Kasai, Tozai Line
Entry Fee:JPY500/candidate & JPY1000/candidate

It is our greatest pleasure to extend this invitation to you and your children to participate in the much awaited "TalentAge-2011" - an exciting festival of talents. Children of any nationality are welcome to join this event conceived and organized by� It is our earnest belief that the various activities planned will contribute in promoting the overall development, intelligence and cultural vitality of our young wards.

This event will be the platform where children will make meaningful connections between what they study and what is applicable in real life and in the process make them more confident citizens through acts of kindness, community stewardship and civic action.

We would greatly appreciate the enthusiastic participation of your children in this event scheduled on Sat, May 7, 2011 at Kasai Civic Hall, Naka Kasai (near Kasai Railway Station in Tozai Line). It will undoubtedly be an opportunity for all children to have a grand day exploring their hidden talents and putting them in action!

We have also invited our community members, members of the local media, and students from various schools. It may prove to be an opportune time to share views about the importance of investing in learning activities like this.

For confirming your participation in this festival we require prior registration. Due to time constraints, we will not be able to process any registrations after the deadline. Your understanding and co-operation is very much appreciated. This will go a long way in helping us to plan the festival in a better manner.

* Entry Fees:

* Meeti Meeti Baton Mein: JPY500/candidate

* Other events: JPY1,000/candidate

Note: From the inception, we were conducting TalentAge [and other events] without collecting any entry fee, but unfortunately we are not able to meet the expenses to run the event only by sponsorship.� After discussing on this with our Senior Advisors, we are considering to charge nominally to participate in the event to cover the expenses for running the event.

As we need to keep the length of the event fair for everybody, we may be closing the registration earlier than the last date [Apr 10, 2011], once we have reached the limit on each event. So rush your registrations as soon as possible to avoid any disappointment. Your understanding and cooperation is highly appreciated.

Please feel free to register for as many categories as you wish!

Event Highlights

Meeti Meeti Baton Mein (Age 3-5)
Children aged 3~5 are eligible for this event.� Go all out and dress up your tiny tot for this event!� Children can recite rhymes, do mono acting, dance, sing and/or show any talent that they have.� Let the little ones shine on stage and show their talents to the world within 3min (max).

Drawing (Age 6-15)
Children can express their creative thinking in theme of their choice in 30min.� Children shall bring their own pencils, erasers, color pencils, crayons etc.� Event organizers will provide the drawing sheets to the candidates.� Strictly no water colors, pastes are allowed.

Show and Tell (Age 6-9)
Children of ages 6~9 will be provided with an object and they will be asked to speak about it for about 3min (max).� Three cheers for our young public speakers.

Extempore (Age 10-15)
Children aged 10~15 will be provided a topic on the spot and they will be asked to speak on it for about 5min (max).� Here�fs to our future orators!

Art out of Junk (Age 6-15)

Children shall be required to finish making their �epiece of art�f within 30min.� Children are requested to arrange all the items required for the contest in advance.� No parents�f assistance is allowed.� Strictly materials listed below only are allowed.




*PET bottles

*Chop sticks



*Plastic spoons/forks


*Tooth picks


*Carton boxes

*Paper spools����

*Paper Cups/Bowls

*Packaging trays


*Gum tape

*Milk/Juice cartons

*Dried leaves���


*Empty tissue box

*Plastic Caps/Lids

*Shells of nuts

*Plastic papers

*Aluminum foils or similar foils

*Empty Coke� cans or similar cans

*Yakult or similar cups


Usage of other materials that are not listed above may not gain adequate points during evaluation.

Children may practice any number of times at home, but they are not allowed to bring any partially/completely finished products inside the competition hall.

Should you have questions:

Call Ravi: 080-3388-2865 (=SoftBank) Anandi: 090-6656-8686(=SoftBank) or email:

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