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Japan Helpline For Indians MONDAY - FRIDAY (10 AM-5PM) Call 03.5875.0780

Japan Helpline And Living Support For Indians

This page has information of important Indian contacts in Japan and also information of daily living supports. Indians those are living in Japan or are willing to relocate to Japan or even coming on a short visit to Japan will find information in this section helpful. If you are new to Japan and would need assistance may either browse through this section of the website or may even call us if you do not get an answer to what you are looking for. Our contact number is available on the top of this page. Please do not hesitate to call us if you would need any assistance.

India international School in Japan

India International school IISJ is the oldest Indian school in Japan . It offers K-12 education to Indian as well as non Indian students. The school combines the best of Indian and western education systems and provides unique learning to its students . The school has branches in Tokyo and Yokohama.