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Rentals >>  Kojimacho 2chome - 2DK
Kojimacho 2chome - 2DK
Tokyo,Tokyo,Edogawa Nishikasai 3 Minutes walk (Tozai Line)

3 Minutes walk to Nishi-kasai station. Plenty of shops near the station. Indian store located on the 1st floor of the vicinity.
Overview Building type:Mansion City:Tokyo
Room Type:2DK City:Edogawa
Unit/Floor:2DK/ Available from:08-08-2014
Unit/Floor:47.00 Sq Mt Posting Date:08-08-2014
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Cost 1Monthly Rent: ¥91300 Agency Fee:0
Monthly Maintenance: ¥2200 Guarantor needed:No
Deposit money:2 months Short-term stay:No
Key Money:0
Details Direction facing: Southeast Extra Info: NO Key Money, NO Agent Fee, No Renewal Fee, No Guarantor Needed!!
Floors: 14
Year built: 1979
Features: BS / VDSL / ADSL / Security Camera / Auto-lock Secturiy System / Intercom
Nishikasai 3 Minutes walk (Tozai Line)
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2-8-9-4F, Hamamatsucho Minato-Ku

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“UR” stands for Urban Renaissance and is an independent administrative corporation formed by the Japanese national government. Compared to Private apartments, UR is very flexible and has many benefits. The UR agency does not demand key money, agent fee, renewal fee and most especially the UR agency does not ask for a guarantor! The UR apartments, however, are first come first serve system based. You have to go to UR offices where you can check vacancies and reserve an apartment. Nonetheless, popular UR apartments has few vacancies and vacancy situation changes from time to time. Therefore, it is difficult for busy working people to find a UR apartment. Here is where WHITESTONE can help you get your desired apartment!

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No of Employees : 10
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