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Anyone who’s ever eaten sushi, read manga, or sipped sake might feel they grasp something regarding this slinky land of some 6800 volcanic islands. And yet, from time of arrival in Japan, it’s nearly as if you’ve touched down on another planet. Prepare to be pleasantly disorientated as we talk over this fascinating land where ancient gods, customs and skill are involved with innovative trendy technology, artistic movement fashions and up-to-the-second style. LET’S EXPLORE JAPAN.&

Kudan Institute of Japanese Language and culture

Kudan Institute of Japanese Language and culture is working progressively on providing a best learning atmosphere and environment to our students. We aim to become a multi-nationality international Japanese language school. After years of efforts, we have been welcoming students who come from 30 to 40 countries all over the world every year. Kudan Institute of Japanese Language and culture will continue to strive to satisfy the demand of Japanese Language study market and student needs, and to provide a perfect Japanese language learning environment and service.